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Traditionally, schools have provided teachers with “coaching” only after adapting a new curriculum, or in response to a bad, personal review. Teachers, like students, are individuals. They need to be supported on an individual level. Like training a world class athlete, a coach serves as an objective set of eyes that can see where weaknesses lie and can make suggestions on how to improve them. Coaches know the proper exercises to help strengthen and develop sets of teaching muscles. Yet, at the same time, trains the teacher to develop the tools they need for their toolbox. We demand so much of teachers and need to support them as we would any champion.


M_Dagani_A.I. Lesson 1- TK Shapes and Colors with Diagnostic Assessment.pdf

A.I. Lesson - TK

(Math/Visual Art & Assessment)

A.I. Lesson 2 - Kinder Math and Theatre with Formative Assessments.pdf

A.I. Lesson - Kinder

(Math/Theater & Assessment)

M_Dagani_STEAM Lesson and Assessments.pdf

STEAM Lesson - 3rd Grade

(Math/Music & Assessment)

M_Dagani_PBL Lesson and Summative Assessment.pdf

PBL Lesson - 2nd Grade

(Soc. St/Visual & Assessment)

A.I. Lesson Across Grade Levels.pdf

A.I. Lesson Across Grade Levels

(Technology/Dance & Assessment)

What teachers are saying:

Here are just a few of the testimonials received after giving a PD for my district:

"This has been the best PD I have attended! I can't wait to incorporate what I learned today in my classroom. I'm also looking forward to integrating Art into the coming school year."

"So excited to try these strategies. I am hoping admin is on board and is aware of the research."

"Best PD ever!"

"This was much needed... thank you for presenting in a way that is so meaningful."

"I had no idea what to expect, but this is a fabulous piece I didn't know my classroom was missing!"

"I want more! This is the most interesting and fulfilling PD I have been to in a very long time. Excellent!"

"I really enjoyed this PD. It was very informative and it was more than I expected. Great presenter! Thank you for the information."

"WOW! I am so inspired! I could be doing so much more for my students with art integration. Thank you for the wonderful ideas."