Why Coach?

I coach to communicate the intrinsic power of the Arts and the value of creative thinking. My goal is to inspire educators, at all levels, to experience the beauty of Arts Integration as an instrument to nurture and develop the whole child (body, mind, & spirit) – ultimately developing a more empathetic, caring society. I coach to advocate for the arts as an access point and provide opportunities for children to experience the research proven benefits of an arts education throughout the school day.

Coaching is the process by which we help others grow and develop their personal potential. It is with careful guidance that a coach accompanies their mentee through the hills and valleys of learning without taking the lead. Coaching is providing support when needed, however it is always the mentee setting the course of action. Successful coaching varies according to the skills, emotional development, physical environment, and climate of the workspace of the client. It is handling each mentee uniquely and differently as you are guiding them through their own personal path of development.

"Listen if you want to be heard."

-John Wooden

Coaching Philosophy.pdf
Outline of Arts Integration Checklist.docx

Goals as an Arts Integration Specialist


  • Find opportunities meet and support each teacher one-on-one

  • Start social media accounts to highlight arts education within the district

  • Meet with stakeholders and keep them informed

  • Present data and progress at School Board meetings each year

  • Write articles and create flyers for promotional benefits

  • Reach out to local non-profits to create a partnerships


  • Provide 5 PD days each year as outlined in the strategic plan

  • Work directly with grade level teams

  • Serve as a mentor, coach, and/or facilitator to educators

  • Share knowledge with other districts

  • Work directly and meet with local and county Non-Profit organizations & community members

  • Built in planning time for content and specialist teachers to work together


  • Create opportunities for students to have equal access to engaged the arts

  • Design and create lessons with and for teachers

  • Provide Parent Ed opportunities to build community

  • Secure and Facilitate Teaching Artists to work with students

  • Create performance/exhibits of student artwork

  • Students engaged in and through the arts

Critical Thinking:

  • Plan and organize a yearly calendar of events

  • Investigate possible grant opportunities and apply

  • Plan and collect parent surveys

  • Work directly with direct administrators

  • Create and facilitate a master calendar

  • Aligned assessments of and for learning

  • Time built in for teachers to reflect on their teaching